Categories of Games we develop

3D Games

We provides 3D games with exceptional features, high-tech graphics, and fascinating characters.

Educational Games

Our educational games offer a perfect unison of knowledge and entertainment.

Arcade Games

We provides 3D games with exceptional features, high-tech graphics, and fascinating characters.

Isometric Games

We develop Isometric Games that put users in a puzzle, providing an engaging experiences.

Game Is Everything

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 It's Action/Fighting, Real-time 2D Multiplayer Game in which two users would slap each other as fast as they can.

1. Real-time multiplayer: 
Player will be connected to any other player around the world who’s also waiting for a game to be connected.

2. Facebook Features:
Player can challenge Facebook friends, play games with Facebook friends, and invite Facebook friend to play game with them.

3. Daily Rewards:
Daily, rewards will be given to players in the form of coins for their login once in a day.

4. Daily Mission:
Daily tasks are provided randomly from server for all players around the world. If player completes the task then they will be given rewards in form of coins.

5. Shop:
Coins can be purchased from shop in exchange for their real money by credit or debit card.

6. Leaderboard:
Leaderboard is a global score board of all the players around the world, where player can see top 10 players and his rank also in the basis of the trophies.

7. Video Advertisement:
Free coins can be given to user by watching video advertisement.

8. Player Profile:
Player can see their different variety of statistics in game.

9. Music and Sfx:
Music and sound effect enhance game beauty and make it more addictive to the player.


Our Games


Action / Fighting 3D Game

Fatal Ninja Warrior



Game Is Everything is game development company. We develop multiplayer games, 2D games, 3D games, isometric games, arcade games, educational games, puzzle games, action games, strategy games across multi-platform.

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