eXtreme Plugin 1.0 (Unity Asset)

eXtreme Plugin 1.0 (Unity Asset)


Plugins are set of code that are used in the specific target platform. These codes can be called from your Unity so specific features of the desired platform can be used. It will help to access features on Android devices with in unity3d. These features are easy to use. It will make your application more interactive and compatible with android users. We hope our plugins will make your game be more productive. With our plugins, these following features will be easy to use.



Android Toast (show toast and change the length of toast i.e. short or long)

Android Date and time picker (Select date and time from android spinner)

Android Dialog Box / Alert box (show dialog box and it can also be customized like change {title text, inside message text, yes or no text and functionality on pressing button})

Camera (take Picture using camera and save into application data; picture can be shared too)

Image Picker (get image from device or camera; picture can be shared too)

Share Text and Share URL (text and URL can be shared on social media or send by SMS)

Screen Shot (take screenshot; picture can be shared too)

Share Image (Image can be shared on any social media or send by SMS)


Video Links

These are videos link which will make easy for you to implement plugin in your project.

Android Native Plugins for Unity (Demo)


Android Native Plugins for Unity (Tutorial)



Unity Asset Store Link



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