Ludo eXtreme (Unity Asset)

Ludo eXtreme (Unity Asset)

The Ludo eXtreme game created for wide range of platforms as it’s compatible with different orientations i.e. Portrait and landscape. The Ludo eXtreme game uses low poly and high quality so it can be played in low GPU mobiles as well. Main scene can be found on Scene folder which has implemented the whole game, but there are some structures which can also be used in other projects as well. Dice and Camera movement with the board are those independent structures which can be found in Scene folder, named as Dice Screen and Camera with Drag Input. These structures are useful for other games as well so these are created in the way to be used in other projects as well. 


Video Links

Video links below demonstrate how the game look and how it works for different platform.


Board and dice (Mobile Version - Portrait)


Board and dice (Mobile Version - Landscape)


Board and dice (Windows Version)


Game Showcase Application link
The application helps to demonstrate how it looks and how it works. Download game in either android or windows; and play the game. For windows unzip the file and open “Board and dice.exe” For Android download the Board and dice.apk and open it.
For Android:
For Windows:


Unity Asset Store Link


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