Morse Code (Unity Asset)

Morse Code (Unity Asset)


The Morse Code Translator is a package which helps developer to create puzzles in their games using famous Morse Code technique. We used Morse Code in our games and we got great response from our users to create puzzle more difficult and interesting. In our puzzle game, the player was locked in the room and the door required the password, so player has to find the password in empty room but the light turn off and turn on sequences represented the Morse code. There are many ways to use Morse code in puzzle games. This pack translates any text into Morse code text, light blink (turn on and turn off sequence) and audio sound (beep length sequence). Main scene can be found on Scene folder which has implemented the package. But Morse Code structure is integrated in this project which can be separated by using MorseCode script in your project. This structure can also be modified as well. By default, we set the time durations of light and audio for code (dot and dash), alphabet and sentences; but it can be changed.


Video Link

Video link below demonstrate how the asset looks and how it works.

Morse Code Translator (Windows Version)


Game Showcase Application link

The application helps to demonstrate how it looks and how it works. Download game in windows and play the game. For windows unzip the file and open the game.


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