Party Environment (Unity Asset)

Party Environment (Unity Asset)


The Party Environment is environment creator with different size and animations, especially for Top-down games. But it can also help developers to create 2.5D and 3D games as well. This package can be used in many ways but it is designed for Top-down games easier and more attractive because it has Top-down player basic control, player model, and some designed levels. These things are considerably basic tools for developing Top-down games. This package is customizable and easy to use. Main scene can be found on Scene folder which has implemented the package and demonstration can be found on YouTube videos link or Google Drive application link.


Video links

Video links below demonstrate how the asset look and how it works.

Party Environment (Windows - Tutorial)

Party Environment (Windows - Demonstration)


Game Showcase Application link

The application helps to demonstrate how it looks and how it works. Download game in windows and run the game. For windows unzip the file and open the game.

Google Drive

For Windows


Unity Asset Store Link


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